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According to psychologist, people who have affairs haven’t fall out of love with their partners. They’ve simply become unsatisfied with the current state of it. They don’t know how to fix problems and frequently suffer in silience. So they go outside to fill any holes in their relationships. Affairs can often fix a relationship.

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Healthy Affair

Affairs typically reflect something about a one’s existing relationship that’s not being faced. Many surveys indicate that adultery is not the main reason for divorce and it’s becoming increasingly accepted. Affairs can be psychologically healthy for certain people who are struggling with their relationships.

Some people are suffering in a dead relationship which is beyond repair. Several researches demonstrate that an unhappy relationship/marriage, marked by daily conflict, even a small one, damages your physical and emotional well-being. Sadly, some settle into simply accepting as it is, becoming numb and depressed without hope for improvement. In such kind of situation, an affair (not necessarily physical) can be a healthy act. It may fuel a desire to become more alive and wanted, and to grow. That is, a healthy affair can provide feelings of affirmation and restore vitality. And can boost your courage to leave the relationship when doing so is the best possible path to become happy again. The affair can generate many benefits, including greater emotional honesty and mature behavior. Whenever you are ready for this big step, AffairUp is always here ready to help you with tips and lists of top options for you to consider.

These days, women are more often the ones who are married to or in a relationship with a physically or emotionally abusive partner. The main psychological issues are unmet emotional needs, deep-seated conflicts, and damaged self-esteem. Being in this situation unable to free themselves, even if they clearly recognize and understand how and why they became drawn into this type of relationship to begin with. They are unable to find the courage or strategy for leaving everything behind. Having kids and financial issues may also deepen their feeling of entrapment and hopelessness which can be devastating. For some, an affair provides a hope and encouragement to make up mind about leaving the unhealthy relationship. Feeling loved and desired, even if ephemeral, can boost the emotional strengths for leaving an abusive partner and determination to look for a better life, despite fears, logistical and other issues.

Affair can help if one of partners is permanently incapacitated, mentally and/or physically. For instance, a woman’s partner had a massive stroke, from which there will be minimal recovery. She is committed to take care of him, manage all the household, and pursue her career at the same time. After several years of doing so she realized how much she yearned for emotional and sexual intimacy. That was no longer possible with her partner. So she struggled with this for some time, and sought help to understand her desires and needs. She still loved her husband regardless, but felt very lonely and incomplete. Eventually she began to have an affair with someone she had known for many years, someone who understood her situation and ambivalence. She decided that a relationship with this person was right for her. Now she felt more alive and complete, understanding that some might condemn her choice. Here at AffairUp, we understand your needs and provide you with options and resources to fulfill yourself.

Many psychologist believe that an unanticipated consequence to some affairs is that it leads to revitalizing your dying relationship. Sometimes a mutual decision to split up and live separately spurs the reconnection between partners. Or, a clandestine affair has the same consequence. As an example, one man in an affair found himself arguing with his lover, feeling the same dissatisfactions he felt towards his wife. Rethinking of everything, he realized that he actually wanted was to experience an affair, but with his wife. The man wanted his wife and lover to be the same person. Then he decided to face his marital problems and work on what he and his wife needed to do to rekindle it. Similarly, a woman’s affair made her feel more confident and desired, more engaged and alive. She realized that she wanted to feel the same way with her husband. Her affair created new determination to deal with the issues which had drained energy from her marriage for a long time.

Play Smart

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